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Car Mount

I am having a hard time swallowing $1,295.00 for a rooftop Camera Count For The istar pulsar.  Any discount and if not any other ones to suggest.  


Secondly.  How do I use this camera to capture point cloud or xyz files to create as-bilt drawings.

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Hey Keith - Custom build components like this will always have a higher price tag. This was built and tested exclusively for iStar. We have been using this mount about 3 months here in US and can tell you first hand it is "rock solid" even at 70mph. Plus you can "lock" the iStar onto the mount with a key which lessens the risk of theft. Something I have not seen on other mounts. 


On the point cloud stuff, I believe you would need to look at the iStar Fusion.

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Hi Keith, 

Just to make you aware I have responded to you via support ticket #11275, answering your above questions. However, as Bill has mentioned, our vehicle mount has been designed specifically for use with the iSTAR Pulsar, Other 3rd party mounts are available, but we cannot comment on the reliability for opteration with Pulsar.

Feel free to discuss further via the support ticket #11275





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