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Iris360 compass


 Is there any way to check where the Iris360 internal compass is pointing to? I'm having some problems with the orientation of the photos, some of them seem to be inverted 180 degrees, with north pointing south.

I've tried recalibrating the compass several times, but the best option, for sure, would be to check against a known location or a checked external compass.

Thanks. Regards: Tomás

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Hi Tomás,

There's a couple of ways to do this. First understand the compass is pointing to Magentic North, not True North and as it's a consumer grade compass there will be some deviation.

After capturing an image, use the review screen to see the bearing displayed in degrees. You can then compare this with either a traditional hand held compass or use a compass app on your smartphone.

If you process the image using Immersive Studio and select "Auto Level Image" it will also orientate the panorama so the centre (5000 px) is poiting towards recorded magnetic North.

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Andrew, If we use autolevel its not importend when we make the picture how we put the camera? I mean now do all the time the text in front. Sorry about my poor english. Hope you understand.

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Hi Peter,

If you have a specific part of your scene that you wish to appear in the centre, then I'd advise pointing the camera at this (front lens is above the logo on the camera).  Then don't use Auto-Level in Immersive Studio, as it will change the centre-point of the image to magnetic north rather than where you intended it to be.

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