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IRIS 360 Facebook Posts

Hello people! I have taken some 360 HDR+ photos on the IRIS 360, however once processed (using the immersive studio software) when I upload them to my Facebook page (from my laptop as I am told that it won't work if uploaded from the mobile app) I am getting a problem. FB recognises and uploads the file as a 360 photo, and once uploaded the desktop Facebook site does allow the user full 360 functionality.

However, when viewing on the Facebook App for an iPhone, it is treated as a regular photo - showing just the initial portion of the image. You cannot drag the image around at all, like you can with the desktop site.

I have queried this with NCTECH and they are under the impression that it should work 'immersively' whether viewing on a desktop or mobile device.

Has anyone else experienced the same problem - and how is it to be resolved?

Many thanks, Sam.

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