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GPano metadata missing from some images

Hello all,

 Sometimes (about 1 photo each 10), the JPEG image generated from the Iris360 raw file with Immersive Studio lacks the needed GPano EXIF metadata (but it do have the GPS EXIF). It seems like a problem on the raw files (not on Immersive Studio), as if I repeat the Immersive Studio process the GPano is allways missing on that photos.

Is it a know problem? Is there a solution?

I'm adding the GPano manually, but is a pain, since you usually discover what photos are missing the GPano once published, seeing that they view as "flat" photos on Google Maps, and not as panoramas on Street View.

I can provide a raw file where this problem happens, if needed.

Thanks. Regards: Tomás

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Hi Tomas - I've heard of this issue being reported before. Can you raise a Support Ticket and one of the Support Team will take a look for you.

On the Support Ticket, could you attach a couple of examples, showing both WITH and WITHOUT the required GPano EXIF metadata.

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Thanks a lot.

 Right know I cannot replicate the problem. Once it happens again (if ever), I'll keep the original JPEG and RAW and I'll open the ticket.

Thanks again. Best regards: Tomás

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