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Version History

v10.1.0 (20th July 2020)

  • Extract fisheye images
  • Create cubeface images
  • Export KML
  • Define the maximum number of  frames to process
  • Auto levelling for vehicle and backpack (Roll+Pitch, Heading, Roll+Pitch+Heading)
  • User can specify output directory
  • User can specify naming convention for images (Enumerated, EpochTime, UtcTime)

v10.0.15 (24th April 2020)

  • Bug fixes
  • Expiration date for processing of legacy (unencrypted) iSTAR Pulsr+ data remains to 30th September 2020.

v10.0.14 (14th April 2020)

  • Extended expiration date for processing of legacy (unencrypted) iSTAR Pulsar+ data to 30th September 2020

v10.0.13 (27th January 2020)

  • Extended expiration date for processing of legacy (unencrypted) iSTAR Pulsar+ data to 30th April 2020

v10.0.12 (2nd October 2019)

  • Support for automatic selection of the number of threads added (iSTAR Pulsar+)
  • Bug fixes

v10.0.10 (16th July 2019)

  • Improved accuracy of GPS EXIF data in iSTAR Pulsar+ output
  • Bug fixes

v10.0.9 (27th May 2019)

  • Bug fixes

v10.0.8 (13th May 2019)

  • Bug fixes

v10.0.7 (3rd May 2019)

  • Bug fixes

v10.0.6 (16th April 2019)

  • Fixed bug with image count spacing and distance spacing options

v10.0.5 (28th February 2019)

  • Implementation of "Auto level images" option for iSTAR Pulsar+ data formation (beta feature, vehicle-mounted captures only, not suitable for data for synchronisation with external systems)
  • Bug fixes

v10.0.4 (20th February 2019)

  • New interface design implemented
  • Implementation of iSTAR Pulsar+ data formation
  • Added audible tone upon process completion of each item in queue
  • Bug fixes

v9.1.1.0 (18th October 2017)

  • Implemented 2048 x 2048 px cubeface image export
  • Bug fixes

v8.6.1.0 (7th March 2017)

  • Implementation of new algorithm to reduce/minimise Chromatic Aberration in images produced by iris360 units with serial numbers ending in 3xxx.
  • Bug fixes

v8.5.0.0 (3rd November 2016)

  • Uses new debayering algorithm
  • Bug fixes
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