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Immersive Studio v8.0.2.0 for Windows - dated 29/10/15

Immersive Studio v8.0.2.0 for Windows

This is the latest release for Immersive Studio is now available for download.

Download Immersive Studio v8.0.2.0

Release Notes

The Immersive Studio Release v8.0.2.0 brings a significant reduction to the stitch engine processing time and adds support for the processing of iris360 images.

Read the installation notes below for details.


Existing Immersive Studio Users:

  1. Uninstall your current version of Immersive Studio
  2. Click the link to download the application as a zip file
  3. Follow the Immersive Studio Quick Start Guide for instructions on how to install and run Immersive Studio

New Immersive Studio Users:

  1. Click the link to download the application as a zip file
  2. Follow the Immersive Studio Quick Start Guide for instructions on how to install and run Immersive Studio

Change Log:


  1. Updated stitch engine speed
  2. Updated GUI
  3. Added support for processing iris360 images


  1. Updated stitch engine algorithms

version 6.0.4

  1. Uses post processing V 4.4
  2. Don't clean hole if only logo is added
  3. Don't resize logo.

version 6.0.3

  1. New post processing (4.3) and capability to add compression to output jpg
  2. Checkbox for compression.

version 6.0.2

  1. Fixed hole detection
  2. New sharpening technique.
  3. Fixed grid size so it doesn't grow out of screen.
  4. New values for sharpening algorithm

version 6.0.1

  1. Internal release

version 6.0.0

  1. Add option to select which engine user want to use when stitching.
  2. fixed bug that when sharpening is selected, there was a band on some images.

version 5.2.2

  1. using new stitch engine when possible. (Released internally) ### version 5.2.1
  2. Fixed bug that in time-lapse view, total number of frames was not shown correctly.
  3. uses postprocessing v4.0 which calculate hole automatically when add mirror-ball and logo selected.

version 5.2.1

  1. Fixed bug that in time-lapse view, total number of frames was not shown correctly.
  2. uses postprocessing v4.0 which calculate hole automatically when add mirror-ball and logo selected.

version 5.2.0

  1. Version renames for release to beta testers.


  1. Minor text change


  1. Internal use.


  1. More stable IViewer


  1. Fixed bug in Iviewer
  2. Set default value for add logo and Mirror ball to false.


  1. Fixed small issue with IViewer style
  2. Add capability to create warped logo for user.

For user to create a wrapped logo he should do this:

  • Prepare his own logo in png format (with alpha channel) and named it logo.png
  • Go to C:\Users\Public\Documents\NCTech\Logo
  • Delete or rename ConvertedLogo.png
  • Copy his own logo there (name should ne logo.png)
  • stitch a sample image: After he stitched one image, he can see that a new file called ConvertedLogo.png is created and it is the wrapped version of his logo.png.
  • He may delete his own logo.png from the above folder.
  • If he changed his logo, he need to delete ConvertedLogo.png so istudio create one from his logo.png.
  • If iStudio can not find ConvertedLogo.png or Logo.png, no logo would be added to output image.


  1. Iviewer with full screen and resizable window. ### version
    1. Add options the following options:
    2. Add Mirror ball
    3. Add Logo
    4. Enhance output image


  1. support for raw file version 2 added.


  1. support full screen.


  1. Hide scene analysis option in image processing window.
  2. Add Stitch Images option so user can avoid stitching in iStudio and use Kolor for stitching.


  1. Added scene analysis option to image processing window,


  1. Fixed bugs related to IViewer did not show stitched image correctly.


  1. Fixed bugs related to "IStudio can not process readonly input file"
  2. Add code to make sure that output directory is a valid directory name.


  1. Add export HDR source images
  2. Fixed some UI issues.


  1. Add capability to request password for iSTAR share


  1. iSTAR web share page added.


  1. Native support for raw file. This means that if a directory has several raw image file, iStudio can detect and process them without the need to put them into different directory and having a inf.txt next to them.
  2. Support for PNG files. If camera saves images into png files, IStudio detect and process them similar to the way that it do with jpg images.
  3. Support for images with different resolutions (only raw images). If a raw image has a different resolution than the full resolution, IStudio process them automatically and generate output image.
  4. We have process record button that process record.
  5. Added auto resolution which calculates output resolution based on input resolution.
  6. Support for creating compatible Google spherical images.
  7. Support to export viewer alongside of images.
  8. Support for processing records, time lapse and images at the same time.
  9. support for removing processed images/ time lapse and records from the selected list at the end of processing.
  10. Support for drag and drop from explorer added.
  11. New main page with information from NCTech to inform user of IStudio and NCTech news.

Changes to IViewer:

  1. Thumbnail show.
  2. Can be exported to output for distributing with images. (NCTech Grant the users to use it free of charge and distribute it to their customers without the need to inform NCTech)
  3. New display engine which shows images much sharper and faster.


  1. Changed "Don't Do HDR" to "Process HDR" and mark it as ticked by default. Suggest user test this option is selected after upgrading


  1. Fixed a bug that publish version was different from about box version. Now both of them shows the same value.
  2. Support to run application in a portable mode.
  3. Support for auto run for CD disks added.

Version 4.1

  1. Removed green cast from generated images.
  2. Add GPS to exif of extracted images.
  3. Fixed bug that if output image was in a path that has space, the GPS data was not copied to output images.
  4. IStudio is now generating ExtendedINF.txt from raw image.
  5. Tweaked directory that calibration file is keep so it is not roamed on systems that roaming is enabled (networked PCs);
  6. If images is taken by a camera that has its calibration file, IStudio now uses the embedded calibration data instead of selected calibration file. Using this method, all images are stitched correctly irrespective of which camera was taken them.
  7. Add Time lapse processing and creating output movie from time lapses.
  8. Using advanced image enhancement to create a very clear and colourful image from raw image files.
  9. Dead pixel removal added when converting raw images.

Version 4.0

  1. Support for fast stitch.
  2. Support for processing without HDR.
  3. Save calibration file in known place: Documents\NCTech\CalibrationFiles
  4. Keep calibration file setting between upgrades.
  5. Opening input image directory, open dialog box in the last used directory.

Version 3

  1. Support for RAW added.
  2. Set gamma to 2 and saturation to 1.8 and also turn on white balancing and contrast stretch.
  3. Add more information to debug information.

Version 2

  1. Add support for export to cube face in batch processing.
  2. Fixed problem that application could not access calibration file on XP computers.
  3. Add some more information in debug info
  4. Removed process single image.
  5. Add view images.
  6. Fixed bug that when a new calibration is added, it is not shown on the list of available calibration files.
  7. Add build number to version numbers.
  8. Removed web browser from first page.
  9. Deploying over internet.
  10. Inclusion of single image processing page to system.
  11. New UI which includes single/multiple image processing.
  12. Option page to select calibration file.
  13. News from NCTech on first page.
  14. Check for update over internet.
  15. Improved error reporting.
  16. Add capability to select different type of image enhancement to generated images.
  17. Immersive Viewer is now part of release.
  18. Fixed some bugs.
  19. Some images/Icons on UI changed.
  20. Updated image enhancement technique/parameters.
  21. Fixed UI
  22. Add image enhancement
  23. Using new stitching engine.
  24. Batch processing
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    Wondering if you will produce a Mac version?

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    We've no plans at present to produce a Mac version.

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