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Network Settings

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    Phillip Withnell

    Hi guys,
    Is there an App to download to my phone for WiFi on the iSTAR?
    I have linked the camera to my Android but can't find any way to communicate to the camera.
    Cheers - Phil

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    Chiang Shang Meng

    That not a single world on it ????

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    Irene Tuinenburg

    I tried to find an app as well but there is one only for the Iris not for the istar.
    why not?

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    Jamie McLaren

    Hi all,
    I'm really sorry for the lack of response, I've just noticed these comments just now. I suspect that you've all been able to work around this, but I thought I'd respond for anyone else looking in.

    There isn't any app for iSTAR connectivity, it's not a very commonly used feature.
    The exact method is slightly different depending on how you connect your two devices, but generally speaking you can establish the connection and then go back into the option to look at "IP Settings" - this will show an IP address. Enter that IP address into any browser and you should see the "iSTAR Remote" web interface.

    I'm going to update our support articles to cover this process in more detail, as I say there are a few different ways to use the WiFi connectivity.

    Edited by Jamie McLaren
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