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Immersive Studio Beta v9

Immersive Studio Beta v9 for Windows - Dated 19/06/13

This is the latest beta release for Immersive Studio  available to all subscribers of the Beta Testing Program. The Immersive Studio Beta v9 is not final and may contain errors and bugs.

The main change to this Beta release is we are now able to install Immersive Studio via a direct online installer link. Simply click the link to run the installer which then installes Immersive Studio to your system. In addition the application now auto checks for updates on startup.

We have also added the ability to select and add add your iSTAR calibration template directly from the application.

 Immersive Studio Beta v9: download.png

Release Notes

The Immersive Studio Beta Release v9 brings a number of enhancements and improvements.  Read the release notes below for details.


Existing Beta v7 Users:

Simply run your current Beta v7 release. On startup the application will auto-update to the latest Beta v9 release.

New Beta Users:

Simply click the link to run the installer which automatically installes the application. Select the options button to add your existing iSTAR calibration template to the software. To select your calibration template, please follow the installation instructions for Beta V3 to see where your template is located.

Change Log:

Beta 9: Release date: 19/6/2012

  • Add support for export to cube face in batch processing.

Beta 8: Release date: 5/6/2012

  • Fixed problem that application could not access calibration file on XP computers.
  • Add some more information in debug info

Beta 7: Release date: 22/5/ 2013

  • Removed process single image
  • Add view images
  • Fixed bug that when a new calibration is added, it is not shown on the list of available calibration files
  • Add build number to version numbers

Beta 6: Release date: 21/5/ 2013

  • Now deploying over internet
  • Inclusion of single image processing page to system
  • New UI which includes single/multiple image processing
  • Option page to select calibration file
  • News from NCTech on first page
  • Check for update over internet

Beta 5: Release date: 20/5/13

  • Improved error reporting.

Beta 4: Release date: 15/5/13

  • Added capability to select different type of image enhancements to generated images
  • Immersive Viewer is now part of release
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Some images/Icons on UI changed

Note: Beta v4 was an internal release only

Beta 3: Release date: 4/5/13

  • Updated image enhancement technique/parameters.

Beta 2: Release date: 30/4/13

  • Fixed UI Added image enhancement technique/parameters.

Beta 1: Release date: 25/4/2013

  • Using new stitching engine. Batch processing
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  • Avatar
    Colin Humphreys

    Smooth update Andy.

  • Avatar
    Colin Humphreys

    I've had the chance to have a quick play with the unit; using the 'front camera' exposure settings and the updated Immersive software.

    The results are better but it's still awkward previewing from the unit in bright conditions, (I have made a request in the appropriate section).

    Here's 2 images taken with 3 HDR, processed:

    1. with immersive: no options checked, then tweaked (mainly added brightness and a hint of shadow) in PS.

    2. with immersive: all 3 options checked.

    3. with immersive; as is (sharpness / contrast).

    It appears I can only upload a single image, so this is option 3...Andy I'll email the others.

  • Avatar
    Noe Gonzalez

    Not sure if already noticed by someone else. When you process images on Immersive Studio all data from EXIF is lost on the resultant JPEG. So, taken date and time, camera, lens and GPS (when available) gets lost on the resultant JPEG.

  • Avatar
    Rob Rob

    Add sliders for adjusting amount of Sharpening, Contrast and Saturation.

  • Avatar
    Vincen Pujol

    Unusable here in my Windows, crashes each time I push the Process Now button :(

  • Avatar
    Andrew Baddeley

    Vincen, please now switch to using the latest full release here:

    Also, please check you have the correct iSTAR template installed on the PC for your unit as that's the reason for the crash in Windows XP.

  • Avatar
    Vincen Pujol

    It looks like I have already the latest release but I don't have the iStar template :( Perhaps I misplaced it but I don't remember having received it :( Would you so be kind to send it to me again ?

  • Avatar
    Andrew Baddeley

    Hi Vincèn,

    I've just emailed you the calibration file.

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