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Immersive Studio Beta v5

Immersive Studio Beta v5 for Windows - Dated 21/05/13

This is the latest beta release for Immersive Studio  available to all subscribers of the Beta Testing Program. The Immersive Studio beta v5 is not final and may contain errors and bugs.

 Immersive Studio Beta v5: download.png

Release Notes

The Immersive Studio Beta Release v5 brings a number of enhancements and improvements.  Read the release notes below for details.


Please follow the same installation instructions for Beta V3.

Change Log:

Beta 5: Release date: 20/5/13

  • Improved error reporting.

Beta 4: Release date: 15/5/13

  • Added capability to select different type of image enhancements to generated images
  • Immersive Viewer is now part of release
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Some images/Icons on UI changed

Note: Beta v4 was an internal release only

Beta 3: Release date: 4/5/13

  • Updated image enhancement technique/parameters.

Beta 2: Release date: 30/4/13

  • Fixed UI Added image enhancement technique/parameters.

Beta 1: Release date: 25/4/2013

  • Using new stitching engine. Batch processing
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  • Avatar
    Colin Humphreys


    Have just been trying out the beta 5.

    Firstly, on the Studio…spelling mistake….’Imges’ on the file selected.


    I like the ability to process sharpness, contrast and saturation but could do with seeing the effects prior to final processing.


    Would like the software to process as it did in the earlier versions….

    but then to have the option to apply these pre-sets with a ‘tick box’ or manually adjust with a slide bar prior to clicking to accept a final save.


    The viewer appears very slick.

    I like the ability to select individual images; maybe the sharpness, contrast and saturation buttons could be placed here, allowing users to adjust and then click to final save?


    I’ll have a proper play in the next couple of weeks.





    (Warwickshire Police)

  • Avatar
    NCTech Support

    Thanks for the feedback!

    We're looking at all the suggestions you made and some we were already planning to implement!

  • Avatar
    NCTech Support

    Hi Beta Testers!

    For the next release, would you like options for:

    • Download with automatic updates via the internet
    • Ability to select and switch between template files
    • Ability to launch Immersive Viewer directly from the main application

    If your answer to all the above is "yes" then that's good news as we are about to release a new Beta (v7) that will have all these features!


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