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Immersive Studio Beta v3

Immersive Studio Beta v3 for Windows - Dated 03/05/13

This is the latest beta release for Immersive Studio  available to all subscribers of the Beta Testing Program. The Immersive Studio beta v3 is not final and may contain errors and bugs.

 Immersive Studio Beta v3: download.png

Release Notes

The Immersive Studio Beta Release v3 brings a number of enhancements and improvements.  Read the release notes below for details.




  • Batch Stitching
  • Automatic Image Enhancement


  • Improved stitch accuracy

Batch Stitching

You can now select either a single folder or multiple folders and Immersive Studio will batch process all the folders sequentially

Auto Image Enhancement

This beta release automatically adds filters for sharpening, contrast and saturation.

Improved Stitch Accuracy

The iSTAR calibration process now allows a more accurate stitch alignment across all scenes

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  • Avatar
    Rob Rob

    We find this feature request very handy and is also found in other stitching software.

    While the software is processing the images it would be helpful to have a progress slider or icon showing actual percentage of the stitching or even incorporating a "time left" to stitch image. This gives users an idea of how long the processing will take which would be handy when batch stitching as well

  • Avatar
    NCTech Support

    Hi Bill, We are currently working on the UI and will soon release the version with progress bars, time remaining etc.

    Stay tuned so to speak.

  • Avatar
    Andrew Baddeley

    Just checking how everyone is getting on with Beta v3? We are seeing that while the batch stitching seems to be working well and the improved stitch process is certainly a big benefit, some people are reporting an increase in grain or "noise" in the stitched image with some slightly over saturated colours.

    We really would like your feedback on how this are working out for everyone as it's the feedback that will allow us to improve the product for everyone.

    Remember you can post attachments and even embed any images or screen shots directly into the comments section!

  • Avatar
    Andrew Baddeley

    We have noticed that while the auto exposure fusion process in Immersive Studio Beta V3 generally works very well, in some circumstances it may result in an overly dark image:



    Here's the same image when you modify the standard "default" exposure fusion settings:




    As you can see, this results in a much brighter image overall. So one option is to include the ability to control the effect of Exposure Fusion, to allow you to fine tune the result. This would mean you couldn't batch stitch these images.

    Or to be more precise, you could but then you'd re-process the ones that you wanted to adjust.

    Do you agree this would be a good feature to implement?

    Note: Images kindly submitted by Colin Humphreys, Warwickshire Police Force.

  • Avatar
    Colin Humphreys

    Andy, personally for my line of work, one-touch systems are the best....esp in the middle of the night or during a hectic scene with loads going on.

    For the church, i left the iso at 400 and auto exposure BUT changed the RGB values to 'cloudy' and tried the HDR on 5 then 3 for the remaining 2 shots.

    Looking at the images, I have to agree they come out overly dark (1-1 ok, 1-2 dark, 1-3 very dark) and need a manual tweak but I'd prefer the unit to do the work if possible.

    However, as we've discussed the batch processing on the beta is far superior and I had to look quiet hard to find the stitching.  Well done.

  • Avatar
    Rob Rob

    Still having issues with program lockups. Once launched it goes through verification and program loads fine. After I point to folder and create output folder and click on process I get "We are sorry, the application has generated an error and needs to shut down. I cannot send report becuase it calls on MS Outlook to send email - I use Gmail. This is on 2 pc's running 64bit Windows 7. I also re-installed/repaired .NET

    any ideas



  • Avatar
    Andrew Baddeley

    Bill, we've raised a Support Ticket for you about this and will reply to you via the ticket system.

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