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iSTAR Firmware Update v1.7.8

ISTAR Firmware Update V1.7.8 - Dated 30/08/2013

We recommend that all users of iSTAR upgrade to the latest version of Firmware.

Important : If you wish to use the SD Card for taking images, you should first delete the firmware file from the card before inserting it back into iSTAR.

Download v1.7.8

Installation Instructions

To install firmware update v1.7.8 FROM v1.5.2 upwards:

  • Extract the contents of the zip file to a blank SD card
  • Insert the SD card into your iSTAR unit
  •  Turn on your iSTAR unit
  • After a moment, the  iSTAR logo appears on the touchscreen
  • After around the 1:10 minute mark,  a message indicating that software is updating is shown on the touchscreen
  • Wait until the update finishes and your iSTAR unit turns off
  • Remove the SD card and turn on your iSTAR unit
  • Delete the contents of the SD card before using it in your iSTAR unit

Changelog :

V1.7.8 Release Date: 12/07/2013 (Beta)

  • Fixed v1.7.7 issue where user was unable to save HDR images.

V1.7.7 Release Date: 11/07/2013 (Beta)

  • Compass display Filtering of compass to stop needle jitter.

V.1.7.6 Release Date: 10/07/2013 (Beta)

  • Tilt/Compass Increase the delay between powering up and accessing the tilt/compass sensor

V1.7.5 Release Date: 09/07/2013 (Beta)

  • Code to power up Tilt/Compass sensor

V1.7.4 Release Date: 08/07/2013 (Beta)

  • Crash fix Kernel changed as known memory problem
  • Crash improvement - Camdriver changed to prevent memory access issue
  • PCIe driver - bug - PCIe is being told there is 2GB on the system
  • RAW Save enabled

V 1.7.3 Release Date: 25/06/2013 (Beta)

  • Disabled RAW Save
  • Auto white balance for each sensor, not average across them

V1.7.2 (Beta)

  • When doing HDR Calculate white balance for each exposure


  • RAW Images Changes to the file header and image headers

V 1.7 Release Date: 14/06/2013 (Beta)

  • Calculate WB before capturing each image set in HDR
  • Calculate exposure time based on all four sensors, only front sensor and manual.
  • Set the correct exposure time in menu.
  • Set the correct ISO in menu

V 1.6.3 Release Date: 07/06/2013 (Beta)

  • Live record - Test/Demonstration release

V 1.6 Release Date: 28-05-2013 (Beta)

  • Customer Release

V 1.5.6 Release Date 15-05-2013 (Beta)

  • Version number change only

V 1.5.5 Release Date: 15-05-2013 (Beta)

  • Tilt and compass functionality added Compass view on main menu, Compass calibration under general settings
  • Unable to capture HDR Images with > 5 exposures Memory allocation issue, not giving the kernel the full memory
  • Software version display added to settings menu.
  • Default Red setting reduced to 80%

New features currently in development

We are currently working on the following features which will be implemented into new firmware updates:
  • Ongoing improvement to the auto white balance
  • Implementing onboard stitching
  • Ongoing SDK development
  • Export to cube face and equirectangular file types
  • Implementing image sharpness options
  • New UI look and feel
  • Enable GPS
  • Advanced DHCP server for enhanced remote capture over WiFi.
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