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Immersive Studio v2.1.0

Immersive Studio v2.1.0 for Windows - Dated 25/06/13

This is the latest release for Immersive Studio.

The main changes to this release are detailed in the changelog below.

We have also added the ability to select and add add your iSTAR calibration template directly from the application.

 Immersive Studio v2.1.0: download.png

Release Notes

The Immersive Studio Release v2.1.0 brings a number of enhancements and improvements.  Read the release notes below for details.


New v2.1.0 Users:

  1. Simply click the link to run the installer which automatically installes the application. Select the options button to add your existing iSTAR calibration template to the software. To select your calibration template, either contact to request a copy of your template or follow the instructions below:
    • Open the folder containing your original supplied copy of Immersive Studio
    • Navigate to the /InternalStitching/CalibrationInfo/ sub-folder
    • In the CalibrationInfo folder will be your calibration file and will be named something like "NCT-IS10099.nctcc"
    • Copy your calibration file to a location on your hard drive. 
    • Launch the new v2.1.0 version of Immersive Studio from the Start Menu
    • Select OPTIONS
    • Navigate to and select your calibration file
    • Select OPEN
    • Select your calibration file that is now in the drop down list in Immersive Studio
    • Select MAIN MENU

All you need do then is select PROCESS IMAGE to select the main folder where all your iSTAR images are then select PROCESS to batch process them all together.

Note: You may keep or delete the original Immersive Studio folder from your machine.

Existing Beta v7 Users:

Simply run your current Beta v7 release. On startup the application will auto-update to the latest Beta v9 release.

System Requirements

Immersive Studio has the following system requirements:

.NET Framework 3.5 or higher.

Microsoft Visual C++ Redistributable Package which can be downloaded from the Microsoft site:

Operating systems:

  • Windows XP/Vista/7/8 (32-bit and 64-bit versions);
  • Windows Server 2003/2008/2012 (32-bit and 64-bit versions).

Change Log:

Beta 9: Release date: 19/6/2012

  • Add support for export to cube face in batch processing.

Beta 8: Release date: 5/6/2012

  • Fixed problem that application could not access calibration file on XP computers.
  • Add some more information in debug info

Beta 7: Release date: 22/5/ 2013

  • Removed process single image
  • Add view images
  • Fixed bug that when a new calibration is added, it is not shown on the list of available calibration files
  • Add build number to version numbers

Beta 6: Release date: 21/5/ 2013

  • Now deploying over internet
  • Inclusion of single image processing page to system
  • New UI which includes single/multiple image processing
  • Option page to select calibration file
  • News from NCTech on first page
  • Check for update over internet

Beta 5: Release date: 20/5/13

  • Improved error reporting.

Beta 4: Release date: 15/5/13

  • Added capability to select different type of image enhancements to generated images
  • Immersive Viewer is now part of release
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Some images/Icons on UI changed

Note: Beta v4 was an internal release only

Beta 3: Release date: 4/5/13

  • Updated image enhancement technique/parameters.

Beta 2: Release date: 30/4/13

  • Fixed UI Added image enhancement technique/parameters.

Beta 1: Release date: 25/4/2013

  • Using new stitching engine. Batch processing
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