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How do I install Immersive Studio software?

Normally, all you need to do to install Immersive Studio is to click on the download link provided on our Support Portal. The link then runs an online installer that will automatically install the software for you.

However, some IT systems and computers have certain restrictions which prevent this installer from operating. In these cases, we have provided alternative ways to install Immersive Studio.

The link to every version of Immersive Studio also includes links to download an ISO CD image that you can use to make an installer CD that will then install the software directly to your PC. This version of the software will then install as normal without requiring an internet connection.

The second option is to download a ZIP file that when extracted can be copied to a USB stick or a users Hard Drive. The application can be launched directly from the USB stick or Hard Drive without requiring any installation at all.

This does however mean the application will not automatically check for version updates so you should check the Support Portal periodically for any notices about software updates.

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