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How do I fix the red colour in an image

You may notice that on occasion and especially in bright sunlight when taking multiple exposures, you may see a red colour cast on the images. 

We are planning a firmware update that will offer improved auto white balance as well as individual WB settings such as Sunny, Cloudy, Incandescent, Fluorescent and other standard lighting conditions.

In the meantime, you can correct this colour cast by applying the following RGB settings in camera:

Sunny Daylight (sun and sky)

  R:75, G:75, B:75

Shadow: Outdoor shade areas

  R:65, G:70, B:73

Cloudy :  Sky, partly cloudy

  R:61, G:70, B:72

Incandescent:  Household tungsten bulbs

  R:72, G:56, B:36

Fluorescent:  Fluorescent lights

  R:75, G:74, B:47

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  • Avatar
    Thomas Demolliens

    I suggest you add a menu where we select the lighting conditions, which then sets the RGB values accordingly.

  • Avatar
    NCTech Support

    Good suggestion and that's exactly what we are testing at the moment! So expect to see this in a firmware update soon!

  • Avatar
    Colin Humphreys

    Andy, can these settings be icon based similar to digi SLR cameras that we are all use too...and anything in the pipeline for a low light / night setting?

  • Avatar
    Andrew Baddeley

    Answer to both questions is yes...

  • Avatar
    Andrew Baddeley

    UPDATE: This issue is now resolved via the latest Beta firmware release v1.7: 

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