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Battery fails to charge or unit won't start up

We have identified an issue with the charging unit recently supplied with some iSTAR units. Symptoms of this issue are in some units the battery fails to charge or the unit itself fails to start up.  The female connector tip of the mains charger is sometimes failing to make a good and secure connection to the male power connectors in the unit's power socket which in turn is either failing to charge the battery or is not allowing the unit itself to receive an uninterrupted mains supply.

We are therefore replacing the mains chargers of all units affected which have serial numbers NCT-IS10001 through NCT-IS10022 inclusive. Over the next few days we will be shipping replacement chargers which have new connector ends easily identified with RED tips.  Everyone who has one of the earlier chargers will shortly receive an email confirming the replacement charger has been shipped to them.

On receiving the new charger with the RED connector tip, please replace your existing charger with the new one and dispose your existing charger accordingly.

For more information on charging please see this additional document

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