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Red Battery Flashing Icon

If you leave your iSTAR unit to charge for a long period of time (more than the standard 3-4 hours) it is possible that if you then attempt to turn the unit on you may see a flashing red battery icon on the touch screen display. This may appear to indicate the battery has not charged correctly.
However, if you hear ten audible beeps coming from the unit at the same time, this means that your battery is in fact simply "overcharged". To resolve this issue, please conduct the following steps:
  1. Disconnect your iSTAR unit from the mains power supply
  2. Turn the on/off switch to on but do not start the unit from the touchscreen
  3. Leave the unit with the on/of switch ON for around one hour
  4. If you have an iSTAR unit without an on/off switch, disconnect the mains power supply and leave it for an hour
  5. After one hour, use the touch screen to start the unit
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