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How do I know if I am using the correct calibration file?

After starting Immersive Studio for the first time, you need to tell the program what calibration file you want it to use. To do this:
    1. Click the options button on the main menu of Immersive studio
    2. You will see that a default.nctcc file is currently selected
    3. To use your own calibration file which will look like NCT-IS100XX.nctcc, simply click  "Import camera calibration"
    4. Search for and select the calibration file for your iSTAR unit and press open in the bottom right corner of the pop up box
    5. You will now be able to select your file from the drop down menu provided. Select your file, and then click  the main menu button
    6. You will now be able to begin processing your images. 
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