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What kind of sensor does iStar use (CCD or CMOS)?

iSTAR uses a CMOS sensor.

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    Erik Winquist

    But of what size?  The spec sheet doesn't list the sensor size, nor does the EXIF metadata in the images. This makes it a guessing game trying to stitch the four fisheye images together with 3rd party stitching software.

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    Erik Winquist

    And, by size, I mean the physical width and height dimensions in mm.

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    NCTech Support

    Hi Erik,

    I'm afraid we do not publish specifics of our sensors in a public forum.

    What software are you trying to use to stitch the images? Normally, you only need to know the focal length and crop factor and the software works the rest out for you.

    These settings are:

    • Lens Type: Circular Fisheye
    • Focal Length: 2.67mm
    • Crop Factor: 5.6

    We've a video detailing how to stitch images with these settings using PTGUI here:

    Hope that helps!

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    Erik Winquist

    Yes, cheers, I found that video very shortly after I'd posted this question.

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