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Immersive Studio v.9.1.1 For Windows - Dated 18th October 2017

Immersive Studio v9.1.1 for Windows

This is the latest release for Immersive Studio and is now available for download.

Download Immersive Studio v9.1.1

Release Notes

The Immersive Studio release v9.1.1 brings a number of enhancements and fixes.

Read the installation notes below for details.


  1. Click the above link to download the application as a zip file
  2. Extract the exe file from the zip
  3. Run the exe file - Immersive Studio will install/update, there is no need to uninstall a previous version

Change Log:

v9.1.1.0 (18th October 2017)

  • Bug fix

v9.1.0.0 (not released externally)

  • Implemented 2048 x 2048 px cubeface image export

v9.0.0.0 (not released externally)

  • Enabled stitching of iris360 Pro images

v8.6.1.0 (7th March 2017)

  • Implementation of new algorithm to reduce/minimise Chromatic Aberration in images produced by iris360 units with serial numbers ending in 3xxx.
  • Bug fixes

v8.5.0.0 (3rd November 2016)

  • Uses new debayering algorithm
  • Bug fixes

v8.4.1.0 (29th September 2016)

  • Bug fix

Note change log above shows updates over the past calendar year only.

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